Our Mission & Values

The Montreal Finalpush track club was founded in 2014 to offer athletes of all levels the opportunity to experience personal growth, achievement and success. We cultivate this self-confidence and personal excellence through a comprehensive Track & Field training program.

Our proactive and progressive coaching methods instill the strong work ethic and discipline needed to reach your personal goals – on and off the track. Through our training programs and competitive challenges you will practice and improve the internal dedication that will allow you to succeed in any aspect of your life.

Through our high quality coaching and training, you will reach your full potential.

Nicolas Macrozonaris


Nicolas Macrozonaris

Sprint Coach

Nicolas Macrozonaris a world class Olympic athlete in track and field—now brings his 15 years of high level training experience to you.

Nicolas represented Canada in many prestigious international competitions, and has qualified for two Olympic games and six World championships. Along the way, he dominated the Canadian 100 meter sprints for five consecutive years.

Now it’s your turn to become your best with one of Canada’s best through his unique and successful track and field program.

In a world class environment, benefit from Nic’s structured workouts, motivational techniques, nutritional advice and recovery know-how.


Location for Grassroot Program 8 to 12 Years Old

Vanguard School
5935 Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse, Saint-Laurent, QC H4T 1C3

Our Happy Clients

A Master of His Craft

Nic is truly an amazing and inspiring teacher. Through his experience, his dedication and knowledge is second to none. Nic has brought the student-athletes of Premier Football Academy to another level; he challenges them, and beautifully pushes them beyond their expectations. Nic is truly a master of his craft.

Premier Football Academy

Program Director: Michael Burgess

National Medalist Within a Year

Praise has always shown and demonstrated a great interest in running during elementary school. Finding the right club proved to be difficult until we discovered the Finalpush track club in the summer of 2015. Nic was very quick in recognizing Praise has great potential. She enjoys the company of the club members. With lots of hard work, Praise was able to accomplish a lot and recently became a national medalist within a year. The club has continued to help our daughter to push herself and to strive for excellence in track, thanks to the tools and coaching offered by Nic.

Praise Omogbai

Provincial 60m and 200m Indoor Champion - Provincial 100m and 200m Champion

An Edge Over My Opponents

I’ve been working with Nic since I was 11 years old to specifically enhance my overall speed. His unique sprint training sessions has been a good add-on to my overall athletic development. The added speed and speed endurance has really given me the edge over my opponents. Thank you Nic!

Joseph Veleno

2015 first overall draft pick - QMJHL

Best Training Ever!

The youth program that Nic offered last winter was the best training ever! We had 8 to 12 year olds that compete in various different sports (hockey/soccer/figure skating) and each one of them gained tremendously in many different aspects of their game. Most of all, Nic has the ability to connect with the kids and gets them to enjoy working hard in order to build and improve their skills. Our group of parents felt that programs like this should be the base of all athletic activities for kids. It really covers everything they need to compete at their full capacity in all disciplines and sports. Thank you Finalpush Athletics.

Grassroots Program and Athletic Fundamentals