Finalpush Speed-Athletes offers advanced speed training programs based on the theories that produce the ultimate masters of SPEED, the Olympic track and field champions.

We developed this program to offer Olympic-grade speed training to athletes in all disciplines where speed is a crucial factor.

Our program is trusted by teams and athletes looking to get the edge by enhancing their overall speed – from football and baseball prospects to professional NHL hockey players.

We Target and Improve:

  • Proper running biomechanics
  • Top speed
  • Coordination
  • Speed endurance
  • Explosive power
  • Agility
  • Acceleration
  • Flexibility
Influenced by some of the world's most successful trainers and developed by 2 time Olympian Nicolas Macrozonaris

Does SpeedAthletes have a youth program?

Yes, we do! We encourage and welcome all young athletes to learn the fundamentals so that they can run longer, faster and efficiently at an early age by developing proper biomechanics.

Why is speed important?

Imagine improving the speed and the speed endurance (rate of recovery) of an entire sport team by 20% or more. Utilizing your speed to be the first on the ball, and having the capacity to recover between explosive bursts without breaking down, is what will differentiate you from your opponents.

What kind of training can I expect?

The SpeedAthletes program is a good addition to the overall athletic development of any athlete. We focus on speed and speed endurance and training consists of high-intensity power running on the track, plyometrics, agility drills and much more.

Other possibilities?

Contrary to many other sports, at the age of 16 years old, it is the ideal age to explore and begin Track & Field.

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