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Success is Reaching Your Full Potential

The Montreal Finalpush track club was founded in 2014 to offer athletes of all levels the opportunity to experience personal growth, achievement and success. We cultivate this self-confidence and personal excellence through a comprehensive Track & Field training program.

Our proactive and progressive coaching methods instill the strong work ethic and discipline needed to reach your personal goals – on and off the track. Through our training programs and competitive challenges you will practice and improve the internal dedication that will allow you to succeed in any aspect of your life.

Through our high quality coaching and training, you will reach your full potential.

Who is coach Nicolas Macrozonaris

Nicolas Macrozonaris a world class Olympic athlete in track and field—now brings his 15 years of high level training experience to you.

Nicolas represented Canada in many prestigious international competitions, and has qualified for two Olympic games and six World championships. Along the way, he dominated the Canadian 100 meter sprints for five consecutive years.

Now it’s your turn to become your best with one of Canada’s best through his unique and successful training solutions. Join the Finalpush track club today, and work out a plan suitable for you.